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Volvo System Tester Parts & Service

OhioDiagnostics LLC is committed to deliver the best in sales, service and technical support to automotive repair shops, focusing on diagnostic solutions for Volvo, Subaru, and Lotus vehicles.

OhioDiagnostics LLC is a distributor for Blue Steak Electronics, Continental Automotive Systems US and is Volvo’s preferred vendor for repairs, parts and service for the factory-original Volvo System Tester and Multi-Tester pro.




works with Volvo.
Parts, Service and Repairs for the Volvo Legacy Application

Factory Diagnostic Solution for Lotus

We feature diagnostics tools and software for the following manufacturers:

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Phone  330-668-1518
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Subaru Select Monitor III
Looking for a Factory Diagnostic Solution for Subaru?
The Subaru Select Monitor III (SSMIII), also known as the Hitachi Diagnostic System (HDS 3000) is the manufacturer-specific Diagnostic Scan Tool for Subaru vehicles. The SSMIII or HDS 3000 kit is available now!
OhioDiagnostics LLC is not affiliated with Subaru of America, Fuji Heavy Industries or its dealer network.
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